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  • Q What is your company specialized in?

    A We mainly produce professional stage lighting equipment, including entertainment light, studio light, outdoor architectural lighting, etc., which can provide customers with rich production line, and help clients quickly find the products required by their own projects or the market.
  • Q Where do you sell your product/what is your major market?

    A Our products are exported to more than 60 countries around the world, mainly focus on European and American market, Asian market and parts of the Middle East.
  • Q How should I choose the most suitable model?

    A You can provide us with specific product technical parameters,installation place, and effect requirements that we can recommend suitable products to you.
  • Q What is the MOQ of this product?

    A No MOQ, Sample test is welcome.
  • Q How do you pack the product before delivery?

    A The regular packaging is thick carton with foam, which passed shock resistance. Flight case also be configured according to customer requirements.
  • Q How do you ensure your product quality?

    A There is strict quality control system, such as incoming inspection, aging test, etc., to ensure product quality before leaving the factory.
  • Q What If my product has a problem after I receive it?

    A You can take photos & videos and we will assist you to solve related problems as soon as possible.
  • Q Are we the right 'Fit' for you?

    A Why should you choose to work with us is not because how good we are boasting or how cheap our product seems to be.
    It is because our offer bridges your needs and our solution addresses your pain;
    It is because our product is able to achieve your desired result and performance;
    It is because our market positioning matches yours and our commitment resonates with you;
    It is because our competence to work out a proposal that springs a "before Vs after" clears Your worries;
    It is because our market performance and customer referral allows for Your joined trust.


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