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40pcs 20W City Color Wash Stage Light Outdoor River Project

Fondlites High power Brightness Outdoor City Color Wall Wash Light FD-AW4020 adopts stable quality led source,Compared with traditional lamps, they can save a lot of energy and reduce energy expenses.RGBW/RGBWA/RGBWAL three colors are available for customers to choose, with high brightness, uniform

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Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Games

The opening ceremony of the 10th Hubei Province Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Games was held on the evening of April 23 at the Public Stadium of Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County, Yichang City.

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Hubei Happy Valley Maya Beach.jpg
Hubei Happy Valley Maya Beach

On the evening of July 23, Wuhan Huabohui Scenic Area was crowded with people. The "Bumblebee" from the movie "Transformers" walked among the crowd and interacted closely with tourists. The large-scale immersive light and shadow show "Light Chasing and the Wonderful Night of Bugs" staged in the scen

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Tianjin Scenic Outdoor Lighting Show

This light show mainly uses 100 sets of fondlites 381W outdoor waterproof beam lights FD-DW381, which are fixedly installed on the building that are waterproof and dustproof, so there is no need to worry about bad weather. The beam has high brightness and strong penetrating power, adding a lot of vitality to the building at night. This allows the building to better display itself at night and attract tourists. At the same time, it brings the night tourism economy and show a beautiful visual feast.

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Mianyang Evernight City

On the evening of June 22, 2023, the "Mianyang Evernight City" scenic spot in Mianyang Town, Xiantao City, Hubei Province opened grandly. 15,000 tourists took an immersive night tour, lighting up Xiantao's night economy. "Mianyang Evernight City" integrates immersive light aAlthough the Dragon Boat Festival has been raining heavily for several days in a row, Fondlites' waterproof moving head lights series including 381w beam moving head light,580W beam moving head light, 700W framing moving head light with their excellent waterproof performance, good stability, precise positioning, high brightness, and strong beam feel, are stunning in the "Mianyang Evernight City" street light show. Obtain the satisfaction and affirmation of all parties.nd shadow, food and snack

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Yandi Scenic Area Light and Shadow Art Festival

Opening on July 18th! Yandi Scenic Area Light and Shadow Art Festival use Fondlites Waterproof series 381W waterproof sharpy beam moving head Light FD-DW381​. The gorgeous lights cut through the tranquility and are filled with colors, dreamlike, and the 300-meter giant light show is a shocking scene you have never seen before! When lighting meets art, light and shadow will compose a new romance.

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Xiaogan Phoenix Fairy City.png
Xiaogan Phoenix Fairy City

The lighting festival adopted the fondlites outdoor waterproof series FD-DW381 381W waterproof sharpy beam moving head light , which was fixedly installed in the scenic spot. The brightness beam effect added a strong atmosphere to the lighting festival and attracted many onlookers. It is a beautiful scenery in the scenic spot.

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Dream Wedding

The effect of a wedding is largely inseparable from lighting. Well-arranged wedding lighting can create a dream-like romantic scene, leaving beautiful memories for the newlyweds and on-site guests. So what are the wedding lighting equipment?1. Follow spot lightIt is a commonly used wedding stage lig

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How to Hold a Wonderful Year End Party?

The company annual meeting is a form of gathering planned and implemented every year around companies and organizations to summarize the operation of the year, encourage team morale, and look forward to a bright future. A successful annual meeting can boost morale, create organizational atmosphere,

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