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How to Hold a Wonderful Year End Party?

The company annual meeting is a form of gathering planned and implemented every year around companies and organizations to summarize the operation of the year, encourage team morale, and look forward to a bright future. A successful annual meeting can boost morale, create organizational atmosphere,

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Rave Party Lighting Design

In the fast-paced modern city, going to the bar for consumption has become a very good choice for urban men and women in the nightlife culture. Gathering with three or five friends to play in the bar can relieve the anxiety at work during the daytime, and release the stressful emotions.The design sc

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The Choice of Architectural Lighting

The exterior lighting design of the building can fully display the nighttime image of the building and attract consumers with a rich visual experience. The design should be based on the principle of highlighting the style and shape of the original building, using lighting technology combined with ad

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Led Studio Lights Applied in TV Station

At present, the most common lamps used in studios are Led studio lights , including Led video panel lights and Led fresnel spot lights. Led light has very good spectral characteristics and color rendering. When used in Led video panel lights, the light is soft and uniform and illuminates the face de

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Perfect Combination of Stage Lighting and Music

Whether it is a large-scale concert, a variety show, or a small music party, the use of lighting effects to render the atmosphere, express the concept of music, and create live effects has an irreplaceable role. Now, there are also a wide variety of effect lamps. Such as led moving head light, par l

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Moving Head Light for Theme Bar

Moving head lights are the best special stage effect lamps due to its superior performance and ever-changing effects,. However, moving head lights are more expensive, so they must be considered on the premise of ensuring basic light and basic effects. At the same time,the number of basic effect ligh

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Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

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Dream Wedding

The effect of a wedding is largely inseparable from lighting. Well-arranged wedding lighting can create a dream-like romantic scene, leaving beautiful memories for the newlyweds and on-site guests. So what are the wedding lighting equipment?1. Follow spot lightIt is a commonly used wedding stage lig

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Architectural Lighting for Museum

Architectural Lighting for MuseumWith the development of urban construction, architectural lighting has become the main component of urban lighting. It can not only create a good lighting environment for people's night activities, but also make unique buildings reproduce at night, illuminate the who

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