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  • The Technical Characteristics of Computer lights


    With the rapid development of science and technology, modern technology has played a role in promoting the development of film and television technology. As a product of modern technology in film and television lighting technology, computer lights are used more and more widely in the production proc Read More

  • TV Studio Lighting Skills and Applications


    Lighting is widely used in the film and television industry. In many cases, the effects of many TV programs, advertisements, photography or movies depend to a large extent on lighting. When lighting in a TV studio, the light source should be carefully arranged so that the contrast of the images capt Read More

  • Bar Lighting Design and Application


    The bar is a place where young people can release their youth and relax their minds and bodies. It is an indispensable part in the market. When designing a bar, the use of lighting is very important, which helps to create a suitable atmosphere and satisfy different consumers. According to the differ Read More

  • Night Scene Lighting Makes the City More Attractive


    The improvement and transformation of urban night scene lighting is a people's livelihood project, an important part of urban infrastructure construction, and symbol of urban construction level. significance.In recent years, in response to the call of the state, many cities have actively responded, Read More

  • National Day theme light show !


    During the National Day, China Red has become a beautiful landscape, and light shows are all over the country to celebrate the birthday of the motherland ! Let's review the National Day theme light show together!1. The landmark buildingAs the postcard of each city, the landmark building is the main Read More

  • New Year's Eve Gala shows a Powerful Stage Light Lineup


    The New Year is approaching as promised, and TV stations have tried their best to create a breathtaking New Year's Eve party.CCTV's New Year's Eve party was designed with the theme of "the giant ship of the era sailing towards a new journey" to create a three-dimensional stage. The main perspective Read More


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