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  • Compact Size 1000W Framing Moving Head Light


    Fondlites 1000W Framing Beam Spot Wash Led moving head light FD-LF1000BSW integrates four functions of beam, dyeing, patterning and cutting. It has bright and full colors, uniform light spots, precise positioning of the cutting system, clear imaging, strong penetrating power, and can highlight Switc Read More
  • Waterproof 800W Framing Led Moving Head Light


    The 800W Led Framing Moving Head light successfully applied for and obtained appearance patents, utility model patents, and invention patents for the cooling system. The optics adopt a professional sealed waterproof lens set, and the lens surface is coated with multi-layer coatings to increase the l Read More
  • 2023 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala


    On the evening of September 29, the "China Central Radio and Television Station 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Gala" exclusively titled by Blue Moon came to an end. The Main Station Mid-Autumn Festival Gala is one of the important ways for Chinese people around the world to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festiv Read More
  • Huizhou Children's Park


    A tall tower in the playground adopted fondlites FD-DW381 380W sharpy beam moving head light. Its compact size and light weight make it easier to install and reduce transportation and labor costs. The beam moving head use Osram custom-made 381 high-brightness light bulbs, which create high brightness sharp beam and color effect to bring impressive visual effects to visitors. Read More
  • Alibaba Headquarters


    Alibaba Headquarters in Hangzhou uses fondlites stage lighting 381W waterproof beam moving head light for the construction. It is installed on the top floor of the headquarters building. Whenever night falls, these beam lights will be turned on to illuminate the building. It attracts people's attention and also shows the wonderful hard work of Ali people. This 381 waterproof beam light has strong penetrating power, high brightness, waterproof and dustproof, and meets long-term installation. Stable quality, good effect, combined with other par lights, dyeing lights. At night, the Alibaba headquarters becomes a beautiful scenery. Read More
  • Sanya Baoting Literary Gala


    This activity are made by Fondlites waterproof 380W sharpy beam moving head light FD-DW381. This outdoor moving head light use high-power orginal osram bulbs that can produce high-brightness lights and strong beam effects. Waterproof and dust proof, no fear of bad weather even if there is a sudden heavy rain, which can fully meet all the weather needs. The perfect beam moving and prism lighting effect create a warm atmosphere at the scene. The event was very successful and gain high recognition and appreciation. Besides,this beam moving head light is also small in size and light in weight, easy to transport, install, and store, saving labor costs that convenient for rental use. Read More
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