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Exterior Image Projector

Fondlites exterior image projector use high-brightness lamp beads and novel appearance designs, which are loved by customers. LED image projector can  make various pictures in the form of light on any opaque medium (such as indoor ceilings, floors, nearby walls), and the projected pictures have both static effects and dynamic ones including water patterns, flames, clouds, swimming fish, etc. These different special effects are easier to attract everyone's attention, creating a warm or joyful atmosphere indoors and outdoors. LED exterior gobo projector saves energy and reduces consumption. The projector is small in size and light in weight, windproof and rainproof. We can supply customer with different wattage from 100W-1000W to meet clients various projects demand. High power outdoor gobo projectors can light up over 300m distance to solve the installation problem. And you only need to change the gobos to create different effect anytime. It can also meet the needs of various occasions, such as large-scale building advertisements, mountain pattern projections, decorative lighting projects, etc.


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