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1500W LED Double Wheel Smoke Bubble Machine FD-SB2000


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Dual fan design to create beautiful fog bubbles
The well-designed heating system 
The design of two fans can blow the uniform fog higher and farther
Equipped with LED lighting, blending with the fog bubble effect
LCD liquid crystal control interface buttons

Input voltage: AC220-240V, 50Hz

Rated power: 1500W

Light source: 18pcs 3W RGB 3IN1 LEDs

Heating time: 5 minutes

Output smoke volume: 4500CFM

Jet height: 4.0M

Spray distance: 3.5M

Smoke oil consumption: 60 min/L

Bubble water consumption: 40 min/L

Bubble barrel volume: 1.5L

E-liquid barrel volume: 1.3L

Control mode: DMX512, LCD control panel, wireless remote control

DMX channel: 8CH

Data Interface: 3-pin XLR

Dimensions: 530 x 380 x 335mm

Weight: 14.5kg

1500W LED Double Wheel Smoke Bubble Machine


Fondlites FD-SB2000 LED is a combination of smoke, bubble and 3-in-1 LED in one enclosure. 

The unique design can generate a large number of bubbles with smoke inside, and there is very little residual smoke at the nozzle, avoiding the situation that a large amount of smoke affects the effect during use. The machine's dual fans generate many air bubbles, which fill with smoke in minutes, and also create an updraft that makes the air bubbles rise high in the air. 

The system features 18PCS 3W LEDs with intense colors: red, green and blue. Easy to load, easy to use and easy to clean. At the end of the show, with the help of the drain valve system, you will have no trouble cleaning up. 

Features dual handles and built-in wheels to make transport easy. The bubble water is sealed and stored, so that the machine can work normally even if it is left for a long time. Although most types of bubbly fluids can be used, they are best used with bubbly fluids and smoke fluids for satisfactory and high-quality bubble entertainment


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