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1800W Mist Machine Constant Temperature Forest Fog Machine FD-1800W


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Using a new type of heater, the smoke is dried without water droplets;
Use 2.5L leak-proof oil drum;
Ultra-quiet design; the sound of the smoke is soft, the smoke is even and thin, and the output of the smoke is medium;
Low fuel consumption, compact and lightweight;
Adopt oil-free protection system, which is safer to use;
External antenna, high sensitivity remote control performance;

Operating voltage: AC220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Current-limiting fuse: 8 A, 250 V

Rated power: 1800 W

Warm-up time: about 50 seconds

Heater Type (Heating Aluminum/Quick Heater): Quick Heater

Oil drum volume: 5.0 L

Output size gear/adjustment range: 1-100

Smoke output: Approx. 6,000 cubic feet per minute

Output fuel consumption: about 167 min/L

Continuous output time: unlimited

Continuous output: 100

Full load output time: about 200 minutes

Consumables used for standard output: PRO-ET

Mechanical temperature control: Yes

Electronic temperature control: Yes

Output adjustable: Yes

Adjustable wind speed: Yes

Oil-free protection: Yes

Body control: LCD control board

Wireless Control: W-7/RF 433MHz/Built-in

Control Protocol: DMX-512

1800W Stage Mist Machine Constant Temperature Forest Fog Machine


Fondlites FD-1800W bar mist machine is a durable and small mist machine specially developed for medium and high bars and small performances. The machine comes with remote control and DMX functions, and it adopts Chinese display, which makes the operation more convenient and more user-friendly; the use of 5L leak-proof oil drum not only eliminates the trouble of adding e-liquid frequently, but also makes you do not need to worry about transportation or machine dumping. E-liquid overflow and other problems; the oil barrel with anti-slip design makes the operation of removing and fixing the oil barrel convenient and safe; thin and light design, light weight, full function, long distance of smoke transportation, no burning smell, no pollution to the lens, It is a mist machine terminator for high-end bars and various small performance venues.


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