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18r Beam Light 380w Moving Head Spot Wash Dj Stage Light FD-DM380C


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Rated power: 550W
Light source system: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 371W
Color Temp:7800K
Reflective bowl: light cup integrated
Beam angle: 0-2°
  • FD-DM380C

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Light Sources

Light source system: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 371W, 7800K

Reflective bowl: light cup integrated

Beam angle: 0-3.8°

Power Supply

Input voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Rated power: 550W

Optics Systems

color wheels :13+ white light, the superposition of the three color wheels can produce richer colors and realize the color rainbow;

1 fixed gobo wheel with 11gobos + white light

Independent atomization effect; mechanical linear dimming 0~100%; fast strobe, multi-strobe mode selection, pulsation, asynchronous, synchronous, random slow, medium and fast;

Prism: 8+16 honeycomb prism group, can rotate in both directions;

The dynamic wheel effect can be superimposed with the fixed gobo wheel and the rotating gobo wheel.

Angle: horizontal 540°, precision 2.11°/step, fine-tuning precision 0.008°; vertical 270°, precision 1.05°/step, fine-tuning precision 0.004°. Horizontal and vertical use electro-optical reset system


Control:DMX512, Auto-run, master/slave

Control programming: 16/20 channel control mode

Menu display: touch the LCD screen, the Chinese and English languages can be switched at will, and the font can be displayed in reverse 180°; 


Size: 400*390*600mm

Net weight: 18Kg

380W Beam Moving Head Light for DJ


FD-DM380C is a newly designed moving head beam light (beam/dye), small size, light weight, high brightness, sharp beam, uniform spot, quiet and fast work, convenient and fast hanging installation.

The product has complete functions, fixed pattern wheel, color wheel, 3 kinds of dazzling prism effects, double leaf atomization, linear mechanical focus, different speed strobe effects, mechanical dimming system, high-definition TFT color display that can be reversed by 180° BEAM380 uses OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 371W bulb, which combines beam light and soft light. Featuring a short arc and compact design, the product delivers an even and smooth light output, equivalent to a highly saturated color palette.

380 moving head light is equipped with a reflector implant to provide a perfect lamp alignment solution. The light runs fast, with low noise and powerful functions, including fixed gobo wheel, color wheel, 3 kinds of prisms, atomization, linear mechanical focus, strobe effect at different speeds, smooth dimming, etc.


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