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New 10pcs 40W Beam Zoom Moving Head Bar Light FD-BP1040


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Power supply: Ac 100-240V,50/60Hz
Maximum power consumption: 500W
Lamp beads:10 40W four-in-oneLighting 
angle: 2°
Y-axis travel:0-230°
  • FD-BP1040

  • Fondlites

Light Sources

LED :10 pieces of 40W lamp beads

Lamp beads:10 40W four-in-one


Color : RGBW

Power Supply

Power supply: Ac 100-240V,50/60Hz

Maximum power consumption: 500W


Lighting angle: 2o

Y-axis travel:0-2300


Control: DMX512, Auto-run, master/slave

Channel: CH 7, CH 13, CH 43

Display: LCD liquid crystal display


Power Connector: Professional power plug input/output

DMX signal input/output: 3pin XLR socket


Shell Color: Black

Shell Material: Aluminum

Working Environment

Protection level: IP20

Ambient temperature: -20-50℃


package size: 50X38X75 cm

Gross weight: 25KG

New 10pcs 40W Beam Zoom Moving Head Bar Light FD-BP1040


Fondlites New 10pcs 40W Beam Zoom Moving Head Bar Light  has a metallic black appearance, integrating beam, dimming, auxiliary lighting, and zoom functions, with diverse functions. The light beam has bright and full colors, uniform distribution of light spots, making it suitable for occasions such as stages and concerts.

The total output power of the 10*40W LED moving beam lamp with zoom is 500W, and the voltage is within AC100-240V 50/60Hz. Using LED mode, the lifespan of the light source can reach up to 50000 hours. There are five control methods:DMX512, automatic, master-slave, voice control, and RDM function included. There are four channels: CH 7, CH 13, CH 43. It has a (32bit) 0-100% linear dimming, with a wide range of beam illuminating areas, which can meet the needs of beam usage. In addition, the CMY color mixing system creates rich color variations that can present different color effects to meet color needs.

1.7 inch LED screen, bilingual menu in Chinese and English, connection method:DMX512. Working temperature: between-20-50℃, IP20. The New 10pcs 40W Beam Zoom Moving Head Bar Light has a220° in the vertical direction (16 bit accuracy scanning) , a zoom angle of 5 ° to 45 °, and a strobe frequency of 1-30Hz. It not only has the characteristic of shaking the head, but also can explode with auxiliary light. During use, the auxiliary light can present stunning horse racing and built-in macro effects, fully meeting the needs of stage and other occasions.

The product weighs 25KG and has a size of 50X38X75 cm. It not only has a small volume and light weight, but also can reduce packaging costs, transportation costs, labor costs, and assembly difficulties to a certain extent.

220° in the vertical direction (16 bit accuracy scanning).


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