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40pcs 20W City Color Wash Stage Light Outdoor River Project

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Fondlites High power Brightness Outdoor City Color Wall Wash Light FD-AW4020 adopts stable quality led source,Compared with traditional lamps, they can save a lot of energy and reduce energy expenses.

City Color Wall Wash Light

RGBW/RGBWA/RGBWAL three colors are available for customers to choose, with high brightness, uniform dyeing, rich colors, uniform lighting, and 16Bit fine dimming technology. It has the advantages of excellent color mixing effect, high color saturation, high light efficiency, high illumination, high performance and stability, etc., and can achieve perfect color interpretation and ultra-long light projection distance. Show the beauty and charm of the building and enhance the overall look and feel of the building.

Wall Wash river project

The waterproof grade is IP65 or above, which is suitable for long-term outdoor installation and severe weather. It is also resistant to pressure, fragmentation, high and low temperatures, flame resistance, impact resistance, etc.

City Color Wall Wash Light

The product line is rich and complete. It provides diversified lighting solutions for various large-scale outdoor lighting projects such as towers, bridges, large venues, and comprehensive commercial buildings. The product line It is rich and complete, including towers, bridges, large venues, comprehensive commercial complexes, etc.



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