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Dream Wedding

The effect of a wedding is largely inseparable from lighting. Well-arranged wedding lighting can create a dream-like romantic scene, leaving beautiful memories for the newlyweds and on-site guests. So what are the wedding lighting equipment?

1. Follow spot light

It is a commonly used wedding stage lighting equipment, which has the characteristics of high brightness and free running of the lamp body. By adjusting its focal length, you can change the virtual and real light spots, change various colors, and create different patterns.


2. Led Fresnel Spot Light

It is one of the most widely used main lights on the wedding stage. The light is concentrated, which can not only highlight a specific position, but also enlarge the spot to illuminate an area. Commonly used for light positions such as face light, ear slap, and side light.

3. Led Profile Spot Light

The lamp has the characteristics of high brightness and clear imaging, so it is often used on the stage in the lighting arrangement of weddings, so that the stage characters can be "close-up"

4. Moving head light

It is a perfect choice in wedding lighting equipment, which can create a strong dynamic effect, especially when used in weddings at night, the effect will be more obvious.



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