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Compact Size 1000W Framing Moving Head Light

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Fondlites 1000W Framing Beam Spot Wash Led moving head light FD-LF1000BSW integrates four functions of beam, dyeing, patterning and cutting. It has bright and full colors, uniform light spots, precise positioning of the cutting system, clear imaging, strong penetrating power, and can highlight Switch with high CRI mode to meet the performance needs of TV stations, concerts, professional theaters, etc.

1000W profile moving head light 1

The high CRI high brightness  profile moving head light total output power is 1000W. It adopts LED module and has a long life of 20000Hours. The color temperature of the lamp bead is 7000k. It has electric focus and an angle of 5-50°, which can meet the background light of a large area and can also be projected from a long distance. . Support electronic strobe, adjustable speed strobe effect and strobe macro function. CMY color mixing system creates infinite color variations. CTO linear adjustment 2500-6500k. A color wheel, consisting of 7 colors plus 1 ≥92 CRI chip. It is equipped with a high CRI chip for switching high CRI mode, which can meet the needs of rich colors and high CRI.

1000W profile moving head light 2

The cutting system consists of 8 motors and 4 cutting blades, with a cutting rotation angle of 120°. The effect plate and the pattern plate can produce a water pattern or flame effect with a great sense of space. The combination of light mist film and heavy mist film makes the light spot soft and natural, and the light spot size scales linearly and freely. It adopts high-precision glass optical lens, electronic linear high-definition adjustment, the focusing component is smooth and stable, and the built-in battery allows you to operate the LCD interface without connecting to the power supply.

1000W framing moving head light

Compact size and light weight only 28kg are more convenient for transportation, installation and storage to help save shipping cost and labor.

Also with high brightness output, perfect for big events,concert,theater and so on.

1000W framing moving head light

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