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New 300W Smoke Oil Proof Beam Moving Head Light for Bar Nighclub Banquet

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Fondlites 300W anti oil smoke beam lamp is an industry first and patented product, which not only integrates beam, patterning, dyeing, atomization, and focusing functions, but also has optical dual protection functions. It has bright and full colors, uniform distribution of light spots, clear imaging, and strong penetration, making it suitable for performances on stages, studios, theaters, and other occasions.


The total output power of the 300W anti oil smoke beam lamp is 450W, with a voltage of AC100-240V 50/60Hz and a usage power of 450W. The light source comes from PHILIPS 300 LL and it is a long-life light bulb that can be used for a long time. There are 16 control channels for DMX512 reception. The control mode is DMA, self-propelled, master-slave, and voice controlled, with LED LCD display and a Chinese English interface to describe product information. There are 14 colors and white light in a color palette, and the rotation speed of the beam lamp is adjustable, with a bidirectional flow effect and a rainbow effect; There are 17 patterns with white light in a fixed color tray, which can shake and flow in both directions. There is an 8-prism and a 24 honeycomb prism. Prism 1 and Prism 2 can be stacked and rotated independently in both directions, with adjustable rotation speed. The beam can illuminate a wide range of areas and meet the needs of beam usage. In addition, the CMY color mixing system creates rich color variations that can present different color effects to meet color needs.


Mechanical dimming, flashing 0.5-14 times/second, with pulse and random flashing functions; Equipped with atomization function, with one independent atomization effect, the light spot is soft and natural. In addition, anti fog oil focusing optics, linear focusing, from near to far. Lens group optical system, electric focusing, beam angle 0-4 degrees, gradient soft light effect, dyeing angle 5-30 degrees, linear zoom 0-25 degrees, horizontal 540 degrees, 8/16Bit resolution, vertical 270 degrees, 8/16Bit resolution. Horizontal and vertical use a magnetic code reset system, which can automatically resolve accidental movements. Reset with built-in overheating protection, the fan automatically tracks temperature and adjusts speed; Remote light bulb control, the power of the light bulb automatically decreases when the shutter is closed. The protection level is IP20. It can fully meet the usage needs and achieve satisfactory performance and display effects.


The net weight of the product is 14.5KG and the gross weight is 17.3KG; The product size is 330 * 270 * 520mm, and the packaging size is 550 * 380 * 440mm. Not only is it small in size and light in weight, but it can also reduce packaging costs, transportation costs, labor costs, and assembly difficulties to a certain extent.


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