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New Year's Eve Gala shows a Powerful Stage Light Lineup

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The New Year is approaching as promised, and TV stations have tried their best to create a breathtaking New Year's Eve party.

CCTV's New Year's Eve party was designed with the theme of "the giant ship of the era sailing towards a new journey" to create a three-dimensional stage. The main perspective of the stage is a giant ship, with the giant ship as the leader, carrying hopes and dreams, riding the wind and waves across the times and sailing far away. Many installations and props were used on the stage, including 24 sets of fountains, a 100-meter fog forest, 5 sets of high-power dry ice machines, 4 sets of snow machines, etc., to create a marine atmosphere.

Jiangsu TV Station

Theme: Light up happiness with struggle

Jiangsu TV's New Year's Eve has created a drop-shaped stage with a full sense of technology. It adopts an innovative 360-degree panoramic "four-sided stage" . The giant drop-shaped device has a total of 12 circular structures. Each structure is equipped with stage beam lights and effect light strips. All structures are controlled by numerical control machinery, which can change into various shapes. The overall vision like a ship that is about to set sail from spaceship.

Hunan Satellite TV

Theme: Extreme Youth

Hunan Satellite TV created the world's first 5G New Year's Eve concert, allowing the audience to experience the multiple feasts of seeing, hearing and playing "art + technology" in the 5G era. This New Year's Eve concert uses panoramic sound technology, with a stage size of 6939.9 square meters, 36 seats, 3806 stage lighting equipment, and 14,000 LED screens to ensure top-level visual effects.

The New Year's Eve party full of new technologies brings a stunning stage feast

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