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Night Scene Lighting Makes the City More Attractive

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The improvement and transformation of urban night scene lighting is a people's livelihood project, an important part of urban infrastructure construction, and symbol of urban construction level. significance.

In recent years, in response to the call of the state, many cities have actively responded, and through the implementation of a series beautiful lighting projects, it has continuously improved the urban living environment and sense of happiness for the people.

The facades of some large buildings use flowing animation point light sources to form giant movie screens. The "animations" including Panlong's human history and development achievements will be presented on the giant screens, giving people the feeling of time interlacing.

The lighting restoration of Yongchang Wetland provides a good visual effect for citizens to visit the dam at night, creating a beautiful nighttime environment; the lighting of sailboats with Caohai Seascape and the installation of lights in Haigeng Hall echo , highlighting the area around the Haigeng Dam atmosphere, making the night scene effect of Dianchi Lake more attractive.

Using the night scene lighting project to give new life to the city , and finally realize the view of the daytime and the lights at night to create a harmonious and beautiful city night scene for the masses.

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