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The Technical Characteristics of Computer lights

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With the rapid development of science and technology, modern technology has played a role in promoting the development of film and television technology. As a product of modern technology in film and television lighting technology, computer lights are used more and more widely in the production process of TV programs, especially in the production of some variety shows, and the amount of use is also increasing, and there is a tendency to replace conventional lamps. Computer lights only appeared on the television stage in the late 1970s and early 1980s. At first, in some large-scale outdoor concerts abroad, in order to set off the live atmosphere, some downlights (PAR lights) controlled by motors were used to generate light beams that could swing and change colors. Looking back, this may be the prototype of the computer light.

There are many models and brands of computer lights, such as domestic, imported, scanning, and shaking-head types, but it boils down to the following features.

1. Structural characteristics of computer lights

There are roughly two types of popular computer lights according to their structural forms, one is a lens scanning computer light, and the other is a moving head computer light. The lens scanning computer light relies on the swing of a reflective lens on the lamp head at the front of the lamp body to project the light beam. The lens is driven by two motors in pitch and azimuth to complete vertical and horizontal swing. Its biggest advantage is that the lens is very light, it is very convenient and quick to control, and it can produce very fast beam movement changes. The disadvantage is that the beam movement range is small due to the influence of the mirror axis. Therefore, it is more suitable for hanging use.

The moving head computer light is the original design form of the computer light. Its advantage is that the rotation of the lamp body drives the movement of the light beam, and the rotation range is large, and it can rotate 360°. This motion effect creates a dramatic visual experience on stage. The disadvantage is that the power of the motor driving the shaking head is relatively large, which makes the lamp body heavier. However, with the advancement of science and technology, this shortcoming has been gradually overcome, so that this kind of lamps has developed by leaps and bounds in recent years, and has become the mainstream computer lamp on the TV stage today. Its volume can be made very small, weight can be made very light that convenient to use. The functions of this kind of computer light are becoming more and more complete. From the beginning, it can only do simple color-changing effects due to technical limitations. It has developed to a computer light that can produce rich artistic effects like the lens scanning computer light.

2. Features of computer lights

As a typical representative of modern lamps, the functions of computer lights can be said to be very complete: generally include light color changes, three primary color combination changes, light and shade changes, pattern combination changes, pattern rotation changes, prism effect changes, soft light effect changes, lenses Aperture shrinkage changes, lens focus changes, lens zoom changes, beam stroboscopic changes, etc. In recent years, some computer lamp manufacturers have begun to consider connecting the computer lamp with video equipment, so that the computer lamp can project infinitely changing patterns and produce richer and more splendid artistic effects.

3. Control features of computer lights

The computer light is composed of executive components and control components. The changes of each output light of the computer light, that is, the movement of the above-mentioned light beam, the color of the light, the projected pattern, the brightness of the light intensity, etc., are controlled by the executive motor. completed with optics. The control of the computer light is completed by the computer. Each computer light is equipped with one or several CPUs. Through the processing of the CPU, the instructions that reflect the lighting art creation given by the computer light console are sent to each action motor. These control commands are a group of digital signals issued by the computer, each movement change of the motor corresponds to a digital code, and each change of the output beam corresponds to a group of numbers. Now the commonly used control signal is DMX512 signal.

4. The use of computer lights

The light source of the computer light is generally provided by a gas discharge bulb, and the output light is high color temperature light (5600 ~ 6300k), while the output light of ordinary lamps is low color temperature light (2900 ~ 3200k). Therefore, the computer light is generally suitable for use as an effect light, and can produce beautiful TV pictures with strange lighting effects through a TV camera (the color temperature is generally adjusted to 2900-3200k). In addition, due to the high cost of computer lights, it has the characteristics of mobility. It cannot be fixed in the studio like ordinary lamps, but the location and venue of use must be changed at any time according to the requirements of program production. During the process of flow, it is necessary to continuously transport and install, which is very easy to cause damage to the lamps.

As a concrete embodiment of modern lighting, each of our specific operators can only fully understand the technical characteristics of the scanner, set an accurate address code for the scanner, select a matching console, and connect the signal line correctly. Only by connecting the incoming power supply correctly and mastering the correct installation method can we better provide perfect technical services for the production of film and television programs.

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