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Waterproof 800W Framing Led Moving Head Light

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The 800W Led Framing Moving Head light successfully applied for and obtained appearance patents, utility model patents, and invention patents for the cooling system. The optics adopt a professional sealed waterproof lens set, and the lens surface is coated with multi-layer coatings to increase the lens transmittance.

The moving head light output diameter of the lens reaches 132MM, and the beam angle is 6°~45° linear amplification. The reasonable optical design makes the beam feel thicker and fuller, and the edge of the beam is sharper.

800W Framing moving head light

At the same time, this Waterproof Framing Moving head lighting seal is made of high-quality silicone material. The independent silicone part design makes the product better sealed. The lamp's protection level reaches IP65. It is dust-proof and oil-proof and can be used 24 hours a day. At the same time, the lamp material adopts standard aluminum shell and high temperature resistant, UV resistant, flame retardant nylon fiber reinforced shell. Users don’t have to worry about security issues. The heat dissipation method of the 800W led moving head light lamp body adopts circular air guide heat dissipation and finned copper tubes to conduct forced physical heat dissipation. Four 8025 fans are selected to dissipate heat to the light source. According to the light source temperature control detection system, the fan speed is automatically adjusted according to the actual temperature of the light source. The X/Y axis motor of this stage lighting fixture is equipped with the latest technology magnetically encoded induction positioning system, which makes the lighting fixture more precise in positioning. The system has automatic error correction function and signal feedback. Control protocol standard DMX512, RDM data bidirectional transmission.

800W Outdoor Led Moving Head Light

The color chips are imported from Italy and the colors are pure. The cutting light has four-in-one effects of beam, dyeing, pattern, and cutting, and has a uniform and smooth 0-100% linear adjustment CMY color mixing system, and a 2800K-6800K linear CTO adjustment.

Four gratings enable fast and smooth cutting. The eight cutting directions and angles can be controlled individually. The entire cutting module can be rotated ±45° to present an excellent stage effect.

This 800W outdoor led beam spot wash moving head light has a rich color wheel and pattern wheel, excellent dynamic wheel and prism effects, and multiple strobe speeds to create a colorful and changeable visual effect.

800W IP65 framing moving head light

Small in size and light in weight, it is very suitable for outdoor cultural tourism, night tours, radio theaters and other large performance venues,which is a professional "dancer" born for various performance activities to create colorful and dynamic stages.

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