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DMX Modular Splitter 6 Channels FD-CA06mod


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Each in-out processing circuit both adopt modular design

Each in-out has independent power supply

RS-485 Port

Supporting 512channels’s real time transmission

International DMX512 Agreement



Voltage:AC90-240V / 50-60Hz

Input and output Agreement:International DMX512 Agreement

Transmission capacity:Supporting 512channels’s real time transmission

Signal output:Distribute and output 6channels DMX signal in electrical isolation

The canon of Signal connection:Input  XLR-3-M, output XLR-3-F

The mode of port:RS-485

Political isolation of the input to the output:>AC300V

Appearance size:12*12*17CM“19”1U


DMX Modular Splitter 6 Channels FD-CA06mod


FD-CA06mod is a kind of the Dmx splitter products with the stickers easily installed against the truss at any position .It can strengthen and amplify the DMX signal from the DMX controller. 

The ports of in-output, use the separately power supplier, and each output port is in the modular’s design, with the high voltage isolation technology and protection circuit to the ports.

Apply to extend the transmission distance of DMX signal, strengthen the DMX signal, add the quantity of lighting; and also the occasion that need to isolate the electrical connection between the DMX controller and lighting.

Due to between the input and output are completely insolated, so it can avoid burning the precision digital DMX controllers from the control cable broken, or the broken in the lighting equipments, also can avoid disturbing the whole signal system from the external interference signals’ inputting .It can make sure the DMX controller and the whole system safely running, at the same time ,it also can be sure that there is the enough strong signal transmitted to every lighting equipments so that advanced the reliability of the whole lighting controlling system.  

1) Each in-out processing circuit both adopt modular design, and user can willfully match the assembly 3 pins or 5 pins in-out modular according to your needs. It is very convenient for such a occasion that‘when the output module was broken caused by strongly attack from the external current’,then the user can fix it at once ,so it has another protection method for the live shows.

2) Each in-out has independent power supply, and each modular board is isolated with the independent protection circuit and optoelectronic isolation. The measures realized the absolutely isolation between the signal and the electrical

The 3 Pin (XLR-3) or 5 Pin(XLR-5) are more durable with the silver metal


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