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DMX-512 Pearl 1024 Channels Controller FD-KA1024

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1024 Channels
Fixtures re-connected with the address code
60 scenes can be saved
10 scenes can run simultaneously
Fader scenes and dimming
Interlock Scene

Power supply:AC220V,50-60Hz

Output signal:DMX512

DMX512 Channels:1024CHs


Channels for each fixture:40 primary + 40 fine tune

Library:Avolite Pearl R20 library supported

Re-patched Fixture address:Yes

Swop Pan/Tilt:Yes

Reversed channel output:Yes


Scenes to run simultaneously:10

Scene step:600

Time control of scenes:Fade in/out, LTP slope

Shapes for each scene:5

Real time blackout:Yes

Scene and dimmer by slider:Yes

Button controlled scene:Yes

Shape generator:Shapes of Dimmer, Pan/Tilt, RGB, CMY, Color, Gobo, Iris and Focus

Master slider:Global, playback, fixture

Dimmer by slider:Yes

DMX-512 Pearl 1024 Channels Controller


1024 DMX controller can control up to 96 fixtures. It is compatible with the library in Avolite Pearl R20 format and featured with built-in shape effects of pan/tilt circle, RGB rainbow, beam dimming wave, etc. 10 scenes and 5 built-in shapes can be output simultaneously. Sliders can be used to output scenes and adjust the intensity of the dimmer channels in the scenes.

Each scanner maximum available control channels:

Channel 40 main channel +40 trim

Fixture Library: R20 pearl light library support

The number of scenes that can be saved: 60

The number of scenes that can run simultaneously: 10

The total number of steps in a multi-step scenario: 600

Scene time control: fade in, fade out, LTP sliding

Graphics can be stored for each scene: 5

Graphics Generator: can generate Dimmer, P / T, RGB,

CMY, Color, Gobo, Iris, Focus Graphics

Graphics can be run at the same time the number: 10

Master Fader: Global, repeat, lighting

U disk read: Support FAT32 format


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