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Architectural Lighting for Museum

With the development of urban construction, architectural lighting has become the main component of urban lighting. It can not only create a good lighting environment for people's night activities, but also make unique buildings reproduce at night, illuminate the whole city, and leave a beautiful and deep impression on tourists.

The difference in architectural lighting is more reflected in the architectural style. Different architectural styles have different lighting designs, and the expressions of lighting are also very different. Therefore, the architectural lighting design should master the different situations of natural light in daytime and nighttime lighting. On the basis of careful analysis of architectural features and modeling connotations, the theme must be highlighted and coordinated with the unique style of the building.

Architectural lighting design should pay attention to the coordination of the color of the lamps and the environment. The lamps should not be seen under the light, so the lighting equipment should be integrated with the original building. In the installation position of lamps, it is necessary to consider whether there is a safety hazard. In addition, from a maintenance point of view, we should pay special attention to the use of lights on the facade and use as little as possible.




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