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Rave Party Lighting Design

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In the fast-paced modern city, going to the bar for consumption has become a very good choice for urban men and women in the nightlife culture. Gathering with three or five friends to play in the bar can relieve the anxiety at work during the daytime, and release the stressful emotions.

The design scheme of bar lighting is first of all rationalized, in line with the precise positioning of the bar manager, and with the local market competition regulations. The second is the use of regulations, lighting effects must be colorful and varied and there must be visual flash points of lighting. The lighting effects of the bar performance stage should be combined with the design style of the bar, the interior decoration style, and the LED light in detail, so as to create the most extreme on-site effect.

54pcs LED par lights are still good choice and LED moving head lights are more colorful. there are focusing, light effect, dyeing effect, and also bee eyes at this stage. The effect is expected to be widely used in bars in the future. Laser light still needs to be dominated by large wattage, and there is no major change. The effect light upgrade has a rapid development trend. There are many styles to choose from, such as pattern effect and dot matrix laser effect of vector light.



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