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Perfect Combination of Stage Lighting and Music

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Whether it is a large-scale concert, a variety show, or a small music party, the use of lighting effects to render the atmosphere, express the concept of music, and create live effects has an irreplaceable role. Now, there are also a wide variety of effect lamps. Such as led moving head light, par light, profile spot light and so on. How should lighting designers use them reasonably to express the ideal lighting effect?

The mood of music has colors, such as warm and passionate music, then the lights use warm colors, which can be red, yellow, etc., while the music with a small and graceful tone can use blue light with cool colors. With the understanding and grasp of the mood of the music, we can first determine the general tone of the lighting, and what tone and color of light should be used for what kind of music.

The design of effect lighting should be based on music, with the purpose of rendering the atmosphere of music. Therefore, lighting designers must have a deep understanding of the structure and content of music in order to design satisfactory lighting effects.



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