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Moving Head Light for Theme Bar

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Moving head lights are the best special stage effect lamps due to its superior performance and ever-changing effects,. However, moving head lights are more expensive, so they must be considered on the premise of ensuring basic light and basic effects. At the same time,the number of basic effect lights can be relatively reduced if use moving head lights. As stage mechanical light function is relatively single and fixed and not so easy to control, so it can be equipped less. In order to make the color of drinks and food realistic, color rendering of the light source must be higher.

Fondlites 250 3in1 moving head light can provide the perfect stage effect that the combination of three light effects can meet the different needs of the bar.

Input voltage: AC110V-240V/50-60Hz

Light source: LED 250W Life time: 50000 hours

Rated power: 300 W Channel mode: 17CH

Pan/Tilt movement: 540°/270°, adopting a function which resets 16bit accurately and automatically Dimmer: 0-100%, electronic linear dimming


Frost: 1 independent frost lens, soft and natural light spot Zoom range: 9-30 degrees

Strobe:1-25Hz,strobe speed adjustable

Color: 9 colors + white light

Fixed gobo wheel: 9 gobos + white light

Rotation gobo wheel: 7 glass gobos + white light, each glass gobos can independently rotate forward and backward Prism: 3 prisms, independent rotation forward and backward Working mode: DMX512 control, Auto mode, master/slave mode

LCD display RDM Display: LCD

Control signal: international standard DMX512.With the RDM function, you can upgrade software online and dial address codes

Cooling: Active fan

Material: Aluminum, copper, steel, plastic

Working environment: -20 degrees~40 degrees Protection

level: IP20

Product size: 300*205*540mm

Net weight: 13kg



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