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The Choice of Architectural Lighting

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The exterior lighting design of the building can fully display the nighttime image of the building and attract consumers with a rich visual experience. The design should be based on the principle of highlighting the style and shape of the original building, using lighting technology combined with advanced lighting design concepts and other methods to express architectural language and create a unique architectural image.

Flood lighting is a point light source that uniformly illuminates in all directions with an adjustable illumination range to produce shadows to highlight the undulations of the building facade. The shadow scale of flood lighting depends on the undulations of the building surface and the incident angle of the light. The average lighting direction angle is 45°. If the building surface has small undulations, the incident angle must be greater than 45°.

Hybrid lighting mainly adopts the combination of edge outline and flood lighting, fully based on the morphological characteristics of the building, and comprehensively uses a variety of lighting techniques to create a beautiful architectural visual art image.



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