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Led Studio Lights Applied in TV Station

At present, the most common lamps used in studios are Led studio lights , including Led video panel lights and Led fresnel spot lights. Led light has very good spectral characteristics and color rendering. When used in Led video panel lights, the light is soft and uniform and illuminates the face delicately; when Led fresnel spot light is used, its light intensity and brightness are higher. Compared with three-color lamps, Led studio lamps have the advantages of energy saving, natural dimmable light, no temperature rise, long life and so on. When used in studio lighting layout, it greatly improves the sultry environment of the studio.

Led frensel spot light is the main lighting for studio news, stage, film and television shooting. The shell of the lamp is made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, and the light path design is advanced and reasonable. It can be used for large-area lighting and special lighting in shooting. Lights with strong illumination, narrow exposure, and easy to focus on specific areas in the scene.



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